NA LCS Summer 2017 Week 1 Speedrun

Quick to disappoint, even faster to impress


Cloud 9 vs Counter Logic Gaming

Cloud 9 had a promising start to the split. Game 1 had Jensen and Sneaky bodying some fools and CLG struggled to deliver on the aggressive jungle-mid synergy Dardoch was supposed to bring to the team. Come the following games however, aphromoo revealed himself as the true carry by setting up plays three screens away with Bard and Rakan. 

Result: C9 1-2 CLG

Immortals vs Phoenix 1

Similar to Cloud 9, Phoenix 1 had a good start to their series. Despite that, the old school duo of Xmithie and Pobelter was too much to handle. Immortals played incredibly well as a team and P1 began the split shakier than expected.

Result: IMT 2-1 P1

Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Liquid

Team Liquid retained their starting roster from last split. Yes, the one with GoldenGlue that lead to Midlet, and Doublelift coming out of retirement to save them from relegation. What could go wrong? GoldenGlue and Reignover didn’t deliver on stage and any of the early leads TL acquired meant nothing as CLG easily dispatched them.

Result: CLG 2-0 TL

Echo Fox vs FlyQuest

This series was the definition of crashing and burning. FlyQuest came in with a fourth place finish last split and an apparent upgrade in the ADC position with WildTurtle. Odd drafts and bad plays made it look easy for Echo Fox. Akaadian’s early ganks got Froggen ahead and Keith looked solid on his beloved (or obligated) Ashe pick. While everyone on Echo Fox seemed to step up, all of FlyQuest’s players looked worse.

Result: FOX 2-0 FLY

TSM vs Cloud 9

The return of Doublelift had him showing why he is one of the best ADCs in NA. With a dominant performance in lane and crucial team fight wins, TSM pulled ahead. Still, Cloud 9 punished them excellently when they overcommitted or dove too far.

Result: TSM 2-1 C9

Team Dignitas vs Team Envy

Honestly, I didn’t watch this one but c’mon, neither did you. The first couple of games were fairly one sided. Dignitas struggled to close out the third game but, in the end, they picked up the win.

Result: DIG 2-1 NV

Immortals vs TSM

What happens when you put your superstar mid laner on a tank? You lose the series. These types of games are why TSM drafts are a meme.  If it wasn’t for Xmithie delivering Bjergsen’s Galio to four people, the series would have been a stomp. Pobelter kept making 200 IQ plays and Flame demolished Hauntzer.

Result: IMT 2-0 TSM

Team Envy vs Phoenix 1

In the first game, Arrow and Shady underperformed. Pirean and Lira completely destroyed P1. The tables turned for the second game as Ryu and Arrow, with the help of Inori’s Ivern, hard carried. Envy took the series with a sneaky backdoor and made P1 finish the week 0-2.

Result: NV 2-1 P1

FlyQuest vs Team Dignitas

If you’ve ever wondered what a world class korean top laner can do on carries, you should watch this series. Ssumday pulled out the elusive Lucian top and decimated FlyQuest. Game 2 had him on Fiora. Again, he stomped Balls in lane and was too much of a threat to handle. Dignitas trusted the process and their korean imports to end the week 2-0.

Result: FLY 0-2 DIG

Team Liquid vs Echo Fox

Surprisingly, it only took one series loss for GoldenGlue to be subbed out. Even if TL gave no confirmation on why they made the swap, I can speculate their reasoning. Their performance was disastrous and it looked like after a single mistake, they just gave up and did nothing for the rest of the game. Maybe the mid lane isn’t Team Liquid’s sole problem. On a brighter note, Echo Fox continued to play to their strengths and locked up first place for week 1 of the NA LCS.

Result: TL 0-2 FOX

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