Eternals: Two steps over the line, one step back

League’s version of achievements, Eternals, will be delayed and changed thanks to player feedback

Eternals were met with a ton of community backlash. Source: Nexus

Last week, Riot Games announced Eternals, a champion-based achievement feature for League of Legends. This announcement was met with tons of community backlash. A post on r/leagueoflegends listing the first set of Eternals further irritated fans as most of the challenges were repetitive across champions, uninteresting or very basic. All in all, the player base agreed that the system felt too simplistic and in no way was worth the asking price of ~$7 USD.

Today, Product Manager Adriaan Nordzij (@KenAdamsNSA on Twitter) released a blog post regarding the situation. According to the post, Riot has listened to the community and have decided to delay Eternals and make changes based on player feedback. 

To start of, sets will now be separated into Unique and Common. Originally, a set would include one Unique Eternal that would track stats exclusive to a champion’s abilities, and two Common ones that would track kills, damage, healing, etc. Now, when Eternals drop, you’ll be able to buy a set of either 3 Uniques or 3 Commons.

The second change is to pricing. Common sets of Eternals will cost 225 RP (~$2 USD) but they will also be available for 3500 Blue Essence (League’s in-game currency) in the Blue Essence Emporium, a special store that’s available twice a year. Unique sets will cost 590 RP (~$5 USD) and can only be bought with real money.

Finally, bundles of Eternals for multiple champions will be made available at a discounted price. 

While these changes make Eternals more accessible and price them more reasonably, many fans are still disgruntled that they’re behind a paywall to begin with. In addition to that, some feel like the situation might be a “corporate scheme”, as Riot may have announced Eternals at a higher price point expecting the backlash to then make changes and simulate that they’re listening to player feedback.

Regardless of which is the case, Eternals will remain on the PBE for the time being with their release on live servers to be announced.

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